1. Validity and use of terms of use

Terms of use are applied to any person (hereinafter: user), who visits or uses the cro-escort.com web portal, available during the validity of terms of use at http://www.cro-escort.com (hereinafter: web portal) which is operated by Kulminacija d.o.o. company, Dražgoška ulica 5, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia, e-mail: info(at)cro-escort.com, registration no.: 6051944000, VAT ID: SI30790301 (hereinafter: cro-escort).

Terms of use apply to the complete portal, its parts and subpages. Special terms or agreement provisions may apply to certain parts and subpages or certain users.

Terms of use is applied to every user upon their first visit of the web portal and any later visits. The user accepts and agreed to every provision of this document by using the portal, and has been acquainted with the Privacy Policy.

This Policy is a subject to change or supplements without prior warning or notice. The user agrees to changes of this document by using the web portal.

2. Use of web portal

User undertakes to use the web portal in legal and defined way, in accordance with its intention and regulation. User undertakes to avoid any behaviour, which could be a breach into rights of the cro-escort, other users or third parties, or could be harmful or be potentially harmful to other persons.

cro-escort has the right to delete a user account and/or temporarily enable portal access to a user without prior notice, who acts as defined in the previous paragraph. If the activity continues the cro-escort can permanently enable the user from accessing their user account without prior notice.

cro-escort holds the right to change, temporary or permanently disable one or more listed functionalities to limit the use of the portal.

3. Registered users

User is aware some of the web portal parts or certain functionalities are accessible only to those users, who underwent the registration process (hereinafter: registered users).

Registered user is appointed a user account at the cro-escort.com web portal.

Registration process is voluntary and the decision is left to the user. Registered user can at any time request a permanent and effective deletion of their information from the registration process by the cro-escort. Deletion includes the cessation of user account activity and registered user status and thereafter any accompanying right. User can undergone the registration process at any later time.

Certain functionalities are payable. Rough comparison between the payable and free of charge functionalities is available here.

cro-escort holds the right to change access terms or the terms of use the web portal, its part or certain functionality with prior notice.

cro-escort holds the right to send general notifications to the users via e-mail, which are in content related to user activity on the web portal as well as assigning, altering or editing their user account.

4. We portal rules

Portal is intended for natural persons of 18 years of age or older. Any younger person should not have access to the portal. Web portal is intended for personal use of individual users.

Any person younger than 18 years of age cannot undergo the registration process at the web portal. User guarantees their age is 18 or older at the registration process. Registration of a third party is not allowed.

Every user can obtain only one user account. The registration to the web portal is not allowed with a user account of a third person.

Registration is obligatory to participate in portal activity and forum. Forum is intended solely for adult male persons.

5. User content

Content publishing is enabled only to registered users.

Contributions are published via web portal. Entries, which are communicated in any other way (e.g. via e-mail) shall be ignored.

cro-escort holds no liability or guarantee in publishing user contributions. Decision on when and in what way a contribution should be published is solely the decision of cro-escort.

If the user’s contribution fulfils the copyright conditions, publishing it on the cro-escort web portal immediately and exclusively, temporally and physically including the unlimited circulation, transfers all material copyrights of the published contribution; including storage and electronic form distribution, audio and visual recording, use in commercial goods and the import rights. User allows the cro-escort to secure their contribution and use it as a distinguishing sign. cro-escort can irrevocably transfer these rights to any third party without limitation. User, in their own name and in the name of any future legal heirs, irrevocably grants a waiver of any current or future demands of material or immaterial nature towards cro-escort, which would be invoked regarding the exploit of the user contribution.

cro-escort does not guarantee duration of a contribution or their storage or safety copy. cro-escort is not obliged to return any contribution content to the user. cro-escort shall alter or remove any disputable contribution or limited access without prior notice, immediately after recognising the infringement.

Any user or a third party with suspicion of having their rights or legal interests removed, shall inform the cro-escort via the e-mail address: info(at)cro-escort.com. The message should include a detailed description of the existence, nature and scope if infringement and demand from the cro-escort to remove such content.

User is solely liable for opinions, advice, statements, offers or any other content or information they share on the web portal.

cro-escort shall actively collaborate with national authorities and internet providers in recognising and disclosing unlawful activity.

a) Rules

1) User agrees to the following with publishing their contributions (forum, novelties and ads):

- publication of discrete information (e.g. disclosing user and service provider identity, address with house numbers etc.) is NOT allowed.
- posting in CAPITAL letters (shouting), excess in emoticons, repeating, insulting, spreading wrong information about other users and their past, knowledge or ability, as well as unacceptable or inappropriate communication is not allowed.
- hate talk and hostility (e.g. harassment, violation of dignity, encouraging inequality and intolerance, encouraging violence, hatred and war etc.) is not allowed.
- product placement (e.g. preparations, forums, personal pages, shops etc.) is not allowed.
- discussing a sexual act with a minor is not allowed.
- disregarding a measure taken by the forum administrator or a moderator is unacceptable. If there is a measure taken against you, refrain from expressing your opinion on a forum, but send us a private message or an e-mail at info(at)cro-escort.com to the administrator or a moderator, who would gladly reply.
- user is not allowed to publish anything without copyright or free use, which is defined by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP).

2) User acknowledges the following rules and instructions:

- publishing only verified phone numbers, which were active recently. DO NOT publish old phone numbers, which receive a new user after certain inactive period.
- a telephone number is written in numbers only, without spaces, hyphens or other symbols (correct: 031888005, incorrect: 031-888 005).
- use Search. If you are searching for a profile of a certain user, use the search function. If that is not enough, pose a question on the forum.
- participate. Forum is designed in activity and effort of the users.
- use a meaningful title when activating a new thread.
- your replies should be thread-related. If you have other questions, open a thread in a suitable category.
- practice appropriate behaviour and refrain from provoking other users. Describe your experience without commenting on other users’ experience (e.g. do not use this form: “Mr X, in my case it happened this way “and so on).
- do not discuss user rating on the forum. Ratings above or under average should be justified on the forum, or it shall be removed.

6. Advertisements (personal ads, news, notifications)

The cro-escort web portal offers the personal ad service “Private Contact” for sexual act, escort, striptease, erotic massage sessions etc. The ad is published solely the service is registered. Portal is NOT intended for personal ads (e.g. looking for a partner etc.), thus such ads shall be excluded from publishing or removed.

Only registered users can publish a personal ad.

Ad is published for 2 months. Submitting an identical ad prior to this period is not allowed.

Ad client (hereinafter: Client) undertakes to refrain from publishing ads in anyone’s name without their authorisation.

Client, who publishes an ad and has an agreement with the cro-escort.com considers these terms of use (current version at the time of ad submission) as part of general terms.

Agreement language is Slovenian.

Client is held liable for the complete ad content, including photographs, links and text.

Publishing certain types of ads (e.g. personal ad, news, notification) is payable. Price and payment conditions are available in the pricelist on the CE.com portal, and the final price is stated prior to confirming the ad submission.

Client has several options of payment. The paysafecard option offers safe and anonymous payment, credit card and bitcoin.

Payable ads and other payable advertising products are published after the submission confirmation and payment. Agreement between the client and the cro-escort.com portal is concluded by confirming the ad after several technical steps in ad submission. The distance contract is concluded and service (publishing an ad for mutually agreed period of time and according to mutually agreed conditions) is performed. The cro-escort.com web portal acts in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) in handling relationship with the consumers. cro-escort guarantees the consumer clients any right from the mentioned Act with the exception of the cessation of the agreement after the beginning of the service as it is not in the service nature. Consumer receives a confirmation notification after concluding the contract, at the latest prior to beginning of the service. Resignation from the contract after the beginning of the service and refund is not possible. Consumer exclusively agrees with such terms with order submission.

Client undertakes to submit correct information; there shall be no advertisement of false goods, its traffic and/or advertisement being prohibited by legislation. Same applies to services. In case of suspicion of criminal act, the cro-escort shall contact competent authority. Client shall refrain from publishing ad content, which is not in accordance with legislation and other regulation and the Constitution.

Client is obliged to provide information of their identity: company name and address, name and surname of a contact person or name and surname of a client and their permanent residence.

Submission of ads with content, which would note undeclared work opportunities as defined in the Prevention of Undeclared Work and Employment Act (ZPDCZ-1). Client is obliged to provide following information: - company name and address, name and surname of a contact person or
- name and surname of a client and their permanent residence and
- statement that activity , which is defined in the ad, holds registration in their constitutional document or the register.
cro-escort does not, in pursuant to legislation, publish the submitted ad, if it suspects it offers working illegally of creating a need for illegal work. In pursuant to the Prevention of Undeclared Work and Employment Act such ad client shall be reported to competent authority.

Advertising of prescription only medicine; medicine, which failed to obtain marketing authorisation, and medical devices, which are used by legal entities and natural persons in the field of medicine and veterinary is prohibited. Device without a high risk factor is excluded if the user holds a licence for use from a competent authority. When advertising medicine and medical devices, the following legislation should be followed: Medicinal Products Act (ZZdr), Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Act (ZMedPri) and Rules on medical devices.

cro-escort holds the right to not publish or delete an ad, if there is suspicion the ad content may be harmful or when it is clear the ad is unlawful. cro-escort also holds the right to immediately delete the user account of the person, who infringed the rules or in any other way harmed the web portal.

When client enters their information on the web portal, they non-exclusively, temporally and physically unlimited transfer the copyrights of the input content. Transfer of rights can be revoked at any time by the client by deleting their ad. Client explicitly permits to include the cro-escort logo on any photographic material, which is posted on the web portal.

cro-escort is not liable for any direct or indirect damage including potential loss of profit, which would be incurred due to access limitation, not publishing or deleting the ad, or errors in the portal function, as well as it does not guarantee the web portal success. Content and functionality of the web portal is offered “as they are” without any guarantees.

cro-escort hold the right to altering the functionalities of the web portal and user experience, which is caused by the as location r how it is reached by the users. cro-escort does not guarantee user will be able to access the ad content after it has expired. It is recommended the user keeps a copy of the ad content and photographs, if it should be used in different context.

7. Exclusion of Liability

cro-escort does not hold any guarantees the web portal content is accurate, complete or correct; is not liable for any damage to the user or damage caused by relying on the web portal.

cro-escort does not hold any guarantees of activity and access of the web portal and is not liable for any potential damage, cause by limited access or inaccurate activity of the web portal. cro-escort also holds the right to cease all web portal activity at any time, for any reason, without prior notice, it is found necessary and for any period of time.

cro-escort is not held liable for any damage inflicted to the user due to the web portal (hardware, software, other equipment, mental distress etc.). User is obliged to provide themselves with suitable protection (malware protection etc.) when accessing the web portal.

A registered user is obliged to appropriately consider security and data confidentiality, when accessing the web portal (e-mail, password). If there is suspicion their access information has been used by an unauthorised party or was certain information disclosed without authorisation, they must inform the cro-escort immediately. cro-escort is not held liable for any damage to the user by unauthorised disclosure of use of public information.

Content, which is published by the users, does not reflect positions of the cro-escort and it shall not be held responsible. Any user of a third party with suspicion of having their rights or legal interests removed, shall inform the cro-escort via the e-mail address: info(at)cro-escort.com. The message should include a detailed description of the existence, nature and scope if infringement and demand from the cro-escort to remove such content. cro-escort is obliged to consider any demands as defined in this paragraph in a reasonable deadline, according to the nature of the claim. cro-escort is not obliged to reply to such demand.

cro-escort is not held liable for any content in the web portal outside the cro-escort.com web portal, which is available via hyperlinks on the portal. Each website link of the third party is available for transparency. Any third party website is used on your own risk.

8. Personal Information Protection and Privacy Policy

cro-escort undertakes to use and handle personal information in pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and Privacy Policy. Personal information protection is defined in detail in the Protection of Personal Information Statement and Privacy Policy.

9. Intellectual property rights

Complete content of the web portal, regardless of form (text, photograph, video, audio etc.) is under copyright protection. Holder of material copyrights on published content of the web portal is cro-escort or the person, if particularly defined.

cro-escort does not refrain from any material copyright on the web portal content by publishing content on the portal or enabling its use.

Any use of the content, published on the web portal, for any intention, unless personal viewing by a user in prohibited without the exclusive prior approval in written by cro-escort. Misuse is define as criminal act and can have consequence in material liability of the user.

10. Code of Conduct

The need for code of conduct is not necessary for these terms of use, thus there is no inclusion of the code in this document.

11. Appeal Proceedings

cro-escort aims to act in its power for the welfare of its clients, i.e. consumers. If there should be a need the consumer can send their complaint to the company headquarters or at the e-mail address; both information is stated in the Article 1 of this document.

12. Final Provisions

Terms of use are available at the web portal at the http://www.cro-escort.com/terms.php website.

Terms of use can be at all times supplemented with new provisions, and the user is encouraged to read them on every portal visit. Each version of the terms of use is dated.

Nullity of any provision of the Policy, regardless of the reason, does not imply nullity of this Policy as an entity. The invalid provision is considered not recorded and the Policy continues to be valid.

Legal relationship between the user and cro-escort is based on the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Community. Any disputes shall be settled by the court with material jurisdiction over the case in Kranj, Slovenia.

Terms of use are valid from 11 May 2011 and supplemented on 12 September 2014 due to changes in legislation. Terms are valid until cancelled or new terms of use are issued.